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HealthLiving LLC provides mental health counseling services and nutritional coaching services.  We have a mission to bring a sense of hope and encouragement for those who need it, and bring individuals towards a healthier and happier life by integrating the mind, body, and spirit. 

There are many areas of our lives that need to be addressed in order to bring about health. Those areas of our lives can be put in three main categories, the body,  the mind, and the spirit.   Each area of ourselves function together, and we become healthier when we address the needs of all three areas, and integrate them to work together. 


Not only do we need the mind, body, and spirit to work together, but we also need a sense of togetherness with others to improve healthy living – together with your friends, family, and/or other support systems you may have in your life.

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Mind, Body, and Spirit Healing

Healthy living includes several elements: mind, body and spirit are among them.  What we eat matters, what we think matters, and what we believe matters.  The actions we take and the motions we make, all contribute to healthy living. 



Our minds matter,  what we think about and how we think about things effects every area of our life.  What we put our minds on will influence the things we say and do.   Our minds our very powerful. To read more about the importance of a healthy mind, click here.



Our bodies matter, and to keep them healthy, we need to be willing to fuel our bodies with nutritious food and water, in addition to exercise  and sunlight. To read more about the importance of a healthy body click here.


Our spirit matter, and it effects every part of our life. If we do not take care of our spiritual walk, it will be difficult to achieve  balance between the mind, body, and spirit. To read more about the importance of a healthy spirit click here.


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