HealthiLiving Counseling

Healthy Living – Together

Are you feeling overwhelmed and stressed?  Do you need someone to come along side you and support you as you walk through difficult events in your life?  I would like to help.

My name is Lucia Walker and I am a licensed clinic social worker.  I offer mental health therapy services in Columbia, MO

Techniques I use include:  Cognitive Behavioral Approach (CBT), Strength Based Approach, and eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) among some others.  I feel that an integrative approach to healing is important, because each person has individual needs.   In addition, I take a holistic approach, with the understanding that the mind, body, and spirit all work together in bringing about healing. 

Telehealth sessions are available for your convenience so you would not have to travel to receive the help you need.     I can serve any Missouri client via Telehealth. 

 To book an appointment feel free to connect with me by filling out the form below, and I will be in touch with you about setting up an appointment.