Healthy Body 

 What would it take to become a healthy person in body, mind, and spirit?  In this section, let’s talk a bit about what it means to have a healthy body. 

To be healthy in body means that our body knows what it needs to do to keep our  bones, muscles, organs, cells, neurons and so forth, as optimally functioning as possible.  How does the body achieve this?  One of the most important ways that the body does this is through good nutrition. It is important to pay attention to  what you put in your body.  What goes into your body matters, it can be nourishing and bring healing, or it can be damaging. 

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To achieve a healthy body it is important to also include your mind and spirit into your body healing process.  Yes, in fact they are a very important piece of body healing.  Your mind is like your master ego, it’s the one in charge of you.  Your mind is the “I” in healthy living.  Without your “I”, you won’t be doing much of anything.  Your mind is not your brain, but it uses your brain. 

In achieving a healthy body, your mindset needs to be moving you forward towards healing.  The word “set” is in the word mindset for a reason: you have a set of operating procedures that are the software within the hardware of  your brain.  Either your operating system keeps you moving forward in your life, or it doesn’t, and it will influence your desire and ability to heal.  Therefore without a proper mindset, the healing of our bodies becomes difficult. 

 The spirit is also a key part of healing the body.  I am sure you have heard of mindfulness or prayer.   Both of those options may help settle the body and mind down to give your body the opportunity and strength to allow healing.  The spirit calms anxieties, and helps us understand that there is strength outside of ourselves that can actually help use heal our body.  Our beliefs matter, and beliefs have a mind and spiritual component, if we really believe something will happen for us, our minds think the thought “this will happen”, and our spirit has the faith that it actually will happen.