Healthy Mind

 What would it take to become a healthy person in body, mind, and spirit?  In this section, let’s talk a bit about what it means to have a healthy mind. 

Having a healthy mind includes creating a positive attitude by setting your mind on the ideas, thoughts, and beliefs that are considered healthy, uplifting, and hopeful.  The attitude you take on is based on your mindset. 

Mindset matters! I believe that “set” is in the word mindset for a reason.  We have a set of operating procedures that set our minds on certain ideas, thoughts, and beliefs.  These set of operating procedures are procedures or rules that we set up for ourselves based on our personal attitudes. Our operating procedures have ideas, thoughts, and beliefs that move use forward, forming positive attitudes that help us thrive, or they do the opposite.  What we think about and dwell on in our minds matter. 

Our body and spirit also play a role in keeping our mind healthy. 

The mind can help heal our bodies, just as the body can help heal our mind.  Part of our body includes our brains, and when we exercise our body, we bring oxygen to our brain.  Our brain is the hardware on which our software operating system (our minds) dwells. When our hardware (brain) is in good health, our software (mind) is also healthy, and functions better.   

What we put in or on our bodies also matters to what happens in our minds.  Anything that is inflammatory to the body, is also inflammatory to the brain.  Toxins that we ingest, wear, or breathe in can have an impact on how well the networks in our brain function, which therefore effect the mind’s ability to function at full capacity. 

Our spirit also effects our mind.  When we focus on finding ways to increase our spiritual health, through things like meditation or prayer, our minds will calm and we will be able to focus more effectively on the things we would like to focus on.   

That said, I hope you can see the importance of all these areas of mind health, if you would like to learn more, or book an appointment with me, please click the get started now button below to contact me.