Healthy Spirit

What would it take to become a healthy person in body, mind, and spirit?  In this section, let’s talk a bit about what it means to have a healthy spirit. 

The Spirit is such an important and intwined part of our lives.  When we observe the cultures around us, and our own cultures, we can’t help but recognize that there are spiritual ideas all around us in all cultures.  We wouldn’t be human if we did not acknowledge some sort of spiritual connection, whether it be to a higher power, to a higher sense of self, to the universe, or to God of the universe.  Spirituality is everywhere. 

Spirituality is actually an important part of our own health. When we focus on our spirit, and our connection to the someone higher than us, there is a humility and understanding that puts things in perspective.  This perspective is healthy for the mind, it uplifts our thoughts, and helps our minds think clearly, and helps our focus.  It is also helpful for our bodies.  Practices such as meditation and prayer provide a connection to our spirituality, and also brings a calmness and relaxation to our body, which helps our bodies to heal and repair.